Welcome to this website and blog. If you are interested in therapy, counseling, or coaching that encourages your spirituality, and in particular any leanings you have towards Buddhism, non-dual thinking, and/or transpersonal psychology, then I hope you will browse around the site and consider whether this approach is right for you.

I have recently begun offering more phone, email, and online chat contact, and have found that sometimes the immediacy and availability of this kind of work is ideal for people too busy to get to an office, or who live too far away from professionals offering this kind of service.

I am beginning a new series of articles on just what form Buddhist-inspired therapy, counseling, and coaching takes in my practice. One of the most interesting questions in psychology has to do with healing agents — what are they, where do they come from, and how do we access them in order to change. It seems to me that conventional Western ideas and theories about motivation are all largely superficial, and that is surprising and disappointing. It seems obvious that the discipline of psychology would be most intrigued by the question of what motivates people to change, and how they can go about tapping into that resource.

Certainly Abraham Maslow, the father of transpersonal psychology, was on the right track when he identified some of the characteristics of the healthy personality. But where he left off, others have taken up the inquiry, and the most fascinating lines of thought point towards the cultivation of one's innermost spiritual energy, or what we call in Buddhism, our Buddha nature. It stands to reason that when we want to change the intractable patterns of thought and behavior inside of us, or generate healthier ways of functioning, or realize our deepest creative and productive potential, we need to awaken the most powerful energies inside of us, and solicit the most effective help we can.

I believe Buddhism in particular offers many of these answers. By cultivating the most important human faculties of consciousness — ethical behavior and thinking, focussed attention, true courage, wisdom and compassion, generation of happiness and pure well-being, and a profound awareness of the psychosomatic relationship between mind and body, the Buddhist tradition offers a path to both spiritual and worldly happiness. And it is being tested here and now, in our modern age.

So these are some of the themes we will discuss in the category of Buddhist-Inspired Psychology. I hope you will also check out some of the blogs on transpersonal psychology and on theatre as yet another healing agent, to see how this way of thinking can illuminate our understanding of the world and human culture.

The Bio Page will introduce more biographical information, as well as my private practice as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Sonoma County, California, and coaching by phone, online, and Skype. Here is where I put my theory into practice. Please go to the Contact Page for how to reach me for either in-person or phone therapy, counseling, or coaching.

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hello Mark – Please recommend something for me to read from your Archive. Alex

    • Hi Alex,
      Well, it’s probably time for a rewrite but the two posts on “Theatre Awakens Spiritual Intelligence” might be of interest to you, though it’s too didactic (I think I am still struggling with my written voice). Because of your interest in writing and the ways that great story telling transports us to other realms, my comments on the imagination as a spiritual faculty of higher intelligence might be relevant. This train of thought was partly inspired by my work with adolescents and how they seemed to be so transformed by movies, and their stories evoked in me that magical power that literature and film had on my own childhood.

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